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Club Nets and Repeater Frequencies

HARC owns and operates a 2m VHF repeater and a 440Mhz UHF  repeater, both located at Fire Station #46 in SeaTac WA.

The club also operates two lower power UHF repeaters and two WinLink nodes, each located in Burien and Des Moines.  


HARC 2 m Repeater: 146.660 MHz (-600 kHz shift and 103.5 Tone)   NC7G

HARC 70 cm  Repeater: 443.100 MHz (+5 MHz shift and 103.5 Tone)   WA7ST

Burien 70 cm Repeater   441.1250 MHz (+5 MHz shift and 103.5 Tone)   W7BUR

Des Moines 70 cm Repeater   443.700 MHz (+5 MHz shift and 123.0 Tone)  WA7DES



Every Tuesday evening at 1930 Hrs. local time, the HARC and visitors come together on the Net for a weekly check-in and conversations.  We meet on 2 Meters on a frequency of 146.660 MHz (-600 kHz shift with 103.5 Hz Tone).  

Hams are encouraged to also check in via a WinLink message or form to WA7ST.  

The goal is to have fun and get new Ops on the air. All are welcome!


Highline ARC has executed an MOU with Vashon-Maury Island Radio Club to share each other's repeaters.    HARC VMI UHF MOU FE 013019.pdf

The Vashon-Maury Island Repeaters are:

W7VMI    443.500  +103.5Hz tone to access repeater

KG7CM   443,775   +103.5Hz tone to access repeater


King County Frequency Plan:  https://www.aresofkingcounty.org/resources/frequencies


Highline Amateur Radio Club    NC7G

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