Often Used Nets & Frequencies

Club Nets and Repeater Frequencies

HARC now owns the 2 Meter Repeater. We do however through the association of STAR use their 440 Mhz repeater frequencies for various activities.




HARC 2 Meters Repeater: 146.660 MHz (-600 kHz shift and 103.5 Tone)

STAR 440 Repeater: 443.100 MHz (+5 MHz shift with 103.5 Tone)



Every Tuesday evening at 1900 Hrs. local time, the SeaTac Amateur Radio (STAR) Team and visitors come together on the Net to support SeaTac Emergency Communications. We meet on 2 Meters on a frequency of 146.660 MHz (-600 kHz shift with 103.5 Hz Tone).

The goal is to have fun and get new Ops on the air. All are welcome!

King County Frequency Plan:  https://www.aresofkingcounty.org/resources/frequencies


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